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Can Li (China)

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CHINA

Multifunctional heterogeneous POP (porous organic polymer) catalysts

Kazunari Domen (Japan)

University of Tokyo, JAPAN

Photocatalytic Water splitting for large scale solar hydrogen production

Daniel Resasco (USA)

University of Oklahoma, USA

Elucidating the nature of reactive adsorbate intermediates during the hydrogenation and hydrodeoxygenation of cresol on platinum by experimental and theoretical methods

Gabriele Centi (Italy)

Industrial Chemistry, University of Messina, ITALY

Electrified Chemical Production: Opportunities And Role Of Catalysis

Alexis Bell (USA)

University of California Berkeley, USA
Zeolites/Mechanistic study

Avelino Corma (Spain)

Institute of Chemical Technology Polytechnical University, SPAIN

Research Collaboration between Academia and Industry drives Fundamental Knowledge into Industrial Application.