Welcome Message from Conference Chairman

     Welcome to Thailand, Bangkok, the City of Angels, recognized as one of the most exciting destinations in Asia, it has all the ingredients for the success of the 8th Asia-Pacific Congress in Catalysis (APCAT) in 2019. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to participate in the 8th APCAT, which will be held during 4-7th August 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand. The scientific theme of APCAT encompasses a wide spectrum of topics, including state-of-the-art and recent trend in different catalysis research areas which will be covered through plenary and keynote lectures, oral and poster presentations.     Catalysis plays a significant role in providing a better quality of life, contributing to the economy directly and indirectly. It is the innovative processes and products developed by research that facilitate and enable improvements in the quality of life, and it is the meeting of minds brought about by conferences such as the 8th APCAT that provide the opportunities, the inspiration, collaborations and networks that aid in the commercialization of new processes, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and materials.

It is understood and accepted that populations are growing, that the vital resources of food, water and energy are both limited and valuable. Therefore, it is important to use our resources more efficiently, to minimize global footprint and to move toward a sustainable future. We understand these challenges, more, we can help drive this notion by demonstrating how through catalysis breakthrough we can be more efficient, reducing our environmental footprint and in so doing, reduce the costs of industrial processes and developing technologies, enabling change. We can design, develop and alter processes to use less water, less energy, to use environmentally friendly feedstocks, thus, we present this year theme:

“A breakthrough in catalysis toward efficiency and sustainable future”

Obtaining efficiency and sustainable future through a breakthrough in catalysis is a far reaching theme, including topics such as catalysis for environmental, energy and chemical synthesis, industrial catalysis and processing. We will also develop the bio-catalysis discussions, including biomass conversion to bio-chemicals and bio-fuels, and barriers to production.

We will endeavor to develop an attractive program of topics relevant to the theme and take the opportunity of this auspicious occasion for forging new networks and developing new collaborations with scientists around the world. By joining with the APCAT the symposium will bring together researchers from both inside and outside of the Asia-Pacific region, to further research ideals and foster new ideas and relationships.

We look forward to seeing you in Bangkok in 4-7th  August, 2019.
Piyasan Praserthdam
Chairman of APCAT 8th